Electrostatic Filters

What is an Electrostatic filter and why do I need one?

"Swap your existing disposable air duct filter for one that's much more effective and never needs replacing... You'll breathe easier and dust less often!!"

Electrostatic filters

Are designed to be permanent filters. They are aimed to deliver a high performance that requires less maintenance by using an inner core with open cells instead of un-woven/non-woven polyester the electrostatic filter is designed to not get clogged up over time.

Features of Electrostatic Filters

Lifetime Warranty - Never Needs Replacing Replaces your existing disposable filter and does not require power Contains No Polyester, making it much easier to clean 5 Stages of Filtration instead of the usual 3 Stages Independent tests show that this filter offers very high filtration with ultra low resistance to air-flow Rugged Aluminum Frame Anti-Microbial Protection inhibits the growth of mold and mildew


Add an Electrostatic filter to your next whole house air duct cleaning package and feel the air quality difference in your home!

For pricing call a clean air specialist for a custom electrostatic filter quote we carry a few different brands...and try to suggest filters based on your price point and air duct needs.